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ABOUT LCA Learning


LCA Learning  est l’unité enseignante issue du  laboratoire de recherche et de création en innovation LCA Group. En partenariat avec de grandes écoles de commerce, des universités internationales et des centres de formations. Nous proposons du coaching, du conseil, du tutorat, des pratiques expérimentales et des formations accréditées. Fort d’une vingtaine de consultants, de formateurs et de chercheurs dans trois pays, les innovations pédagogiques, sont au cœur de son ADN.


Getting a chance to go to NYC and present our project in front of the president and VP of WCPUN was even greater. I’d like to thank Kareen, Mr Vasseur for his support and advices throughout the project, the president and VP of WCPUN, Dr Saucet and Mr Parthasarathy for being the bridge beforehand and on location, Mr Sercq and ESGCI for this project. 

, Romain Saule, UN & WCPUN Project, ESGCI

“A professor recognized in France and abroad including the United States, will be an innovative consultant. Marcel Saucet of LCA Learning is the author of the book entitled Innovator, a must read book that offers a comprehensive and practical approaches which is a big challenge for the contemporary marketing.”

Alexis Desroches, Givenchy

“ I met consultant Marcel Saucet, PhD at the University of San Diego. He brought in fresh thinking and perspective to marketing that is well worth the attention for every marketer trying to establish competitive advantage in a cluttered marketplace ”

Stephane Bardin, Marketing Director, Bumble Bee

" Marcel Saucet from LCA ltd has a particular advantage, which is to be at the crossroads of the business world and the academic research. Recovering constantly, questioning and trying to be aware to all the novelties that the world offer us, this professional researcher may also conduct original and interesting innovation seminars. "

Monsieur Redien Collot , Directeur, Ecole supérieure Novencia

" Dr Marcel Saucet of LCA Learning is a simple teacher who allowed me to understand and be able to explain why I wanted to work in marketing. Effective and interesting courses were always linked to news and the latest innovations. Dr. Marcel Saucet is someone to whom I turned for recommendations and to whom I will also turn in the future on business issues. "

Christophe Hyon, Van Cleef & Arpels

“ Marcel Saucet from LCA Learning is a young and brilliant professor. His fields of research and research papers are very interesting. As far as I know, he is very appreciated by his students. I think he is to become someone important in his field of interest. ”

Bruno Bizeul, ESSEC Business school

“ I consider Marcel Saucet, LCA Learning professor, as the best teacher I've ever had. He is very passionate and I was influenced by his passion. ”

Frédéric Wadoux-Girard, Yoplait

“ One of the LCA professors was my marketing teacher at IPAG Business School for a year. I learnt so many things from him, not only in marketing but also in management, communication and negotiations. I highly recommend Dr. Marcel Saucet as a professional. ”

Aline Yordikian, Kellogg Company

“ Marcel from LCA Learning is a brilliant guy! Very good in his field, as a specialist of innovation & marketing, as respected by both his students and the managements of the schools he works in. It is a pleasure to recommend him. "

Patrick Taffignon, Luxe

“The professors from LCA Learning have been my teachers for my last 2 years of study. Their classes are the ones you were sure to never get bored! You do not just think, but also act. And that’s what makes all the difference.”

Véronique Lefebvre, Allociné


International and academic expertise: this is what differentiates our laboratory from other consulting agencies. LCA is composed of professors, researchers, psychoanalysts, and teachers in European and American universities. The fruits of our cutting-edge research are published in academic journals, and it is incorporated into our consulting and training materials.

Our specialties are Street Marketing ™ and Alternative Marketing, Innovation, Brand Psychoanalysis, Active Web Listening and Experiential Marketing.



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