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The trainings we provide are taken directly from the North American and European research that our collaborators engage in their host universities like University of San Diego, University of Southern California, University of Fullerton, ESGCI Paris, Kedge Business School (Euromed Management), University of Bocconi (Milan) and Université de Lille.

We organize training seminars and product launches in Europe and US.

We have 5 major themes: Brand Psychoanalysis, Street Marketing™, Alternative and Experiential Marketing, Innovation Marketing and Change Marketing, Web Listening and Buzz Marketing.

Here is new our training catalog 2016/2017:

Cinquante Nuances de Formation


Courses and conferences


Street & Buzz marketing conference

Lanvin Challenge 2013 with ESCGI

Company Intro


LCA Learning is an academic laboratory on new concepts of marketing in partnership with the University of San Diego, California with our 30 professors and researchers in North America and Europe. They write books in top business reviews like Harvard Business Review and give speeches/ lectures / courses / conferences / clinical classes in famous universities all around the world. We are training executives in companies too.

The trainings that you will not find elsewhere

Anti-Marketing, Authenticity Marketing, Cause Related Marketing, Celebrity marketing, Cronomarketing, Co-Marketing, Community Marketing, Convergence Marketing, Contextual Marketing, Counter Marketing, Customer Centric Marketing, Database Marketing, Eco-Marketing, Emotion Marketing, Empowerment Marketing, Environmental Marketing, Ethnic Marketing, Ethno-marketing, Entrepreneurial Marketing, Event Marketing, Expeditionary Marketing, Experience Marketing, Exponential Marketing, Family Marketing, Geo-marketing, Grass Roots Marketing, Green Marketing, Holistic Marketing, Interactive Marketing, Knowledge Marketing, Life Event Marketing, Macro Marketing, Maxi Marketing, Mega Marketing, Micromarketing, Multilevel Marketing, Multi-Sensory Marketing, Network Marketing, Niche Marketing, Non Business Marketing, Nostalgia Marketing, Olfactory Marketing, One-to-One Marketing, Permission Marketing, Radical Marketing, Real Time Marketing, Relationship Marketing, Retro-marketing, Reverse Marketing, Scarcity Marketing, Sensory Marketing, Situational Marketing, Slow Marketing, Social Marketing, Societal Marketing, Solution Marketing, Stakeholder Marketing, Stealth Marketing, Street Marketing, Sustainable Marketing, Symbiotic Marketing, Time Based Marketing, Total Relationship Marketing, Trade marketing, Trend Marketing, Tribal Marketing, Turbo Marketing, Undercover Marketing, Value Marketing, Viral Marketing, Yield Marketing


International and academic expertise: this is what differentiates our laboratory from other consulting agencies. LCA is composed of professors, researchers, psychoanalysts, and teachers in European and American universities. The fruits of our cutting-edge research are published in academic journals, and it is incorporated into our consulting and training materials.

Our specialties are Street Marketing ™ and Alternative Marketing, Innovation, Brand Psychoanalysis, Active Web Listening and Experiential Marketing.



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