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FINANCE AND BANKING   SEMINAR DESCRIPTION   Each of us has had the need to understand figures and key indicators, or to develop financial reporting documents. Successful leaders must be able to comprehend and analyse historical and projected figures for decision-making purposes and to hedge against potential risks.   This short program is designed to cover the fundamental aspects of accounting and finance, in a user-friendly and intuitive manner. The teaching focuses on providing participants with an easy-to-learn and practical financial toolbox. After covering the basic foundations, the course builds up progressively to tackle more advanced concepts, using real case studies and numbers to make the abstract more accessible. As a participant, you will be given a fresh approach towards accounting and finance, enhancing your skills, financial vocabulary and level of self-confidence when discussing subjects as varied as company financing, value creation or management dashboards.   OBJECTIVES   Participants will understand the –
  • Key principles and conceptual frameworks to analyse financial accounts, ahead of team or management meetings.
  • Creation of value and increased deal efficiency through the use of straight to the point financial dashboards.
  • Strengths and weaknesses of valuation techniques, including easy-to-learn Brand valuation and scenario modelling.
  • Challenges relating to capital markets volatility, news flow, and equity or debt re- financing.
  • Analysis of merger and acquisition transactions including acquirer financial motivation the financial motivation of acquirers.
  • Identification of value creation indicators for the firm or shareholders and key drivers.
  • Impact of interest rates or economic drivers on corporate performance.
  SPECIALIZED PRACTITIONNERS       CERTIFICATION   Short term certificate delivered by CED – UNIVERSITY OF DUBAI, Kedge business school (AACSB, EQUIS, AMBAS) and SM&B     DURATION: 1 day   PROGRAM  
1 Understanding company accounts: financial statement analysis    
2 Financial markets, interest rates, understanding currencies  
3 The time value of money  
4 Equity and debt financing decisions, the cost of capital  
5 Introduction to evaluation: multiples, discounted cash flow, re-valued net assets  
6 Value creation for the firm and shareholders
  EDUCATIONAL APPROACH   The program is taught in a workshop format, allowing maximum interaction between the participants to create a relaxed environment that is conducive to learning. Concepts and techniques will be supplemented by real and recent case study analyses, individual exercises or group work. Activities include –   Reflection workshop The session will be punctuated through short workshops that will allow participants to take the time to reflect on the concepts presented and to progress towards the conceptualised strategic vision of the event for their organization. Refer to the “program” section below for more information.   Case study Three cases will be studied during this seminar to explore together how the finance sector has concretely seized innovative technology to tackle the changing landscape.   “Micro” Design Thinking & Mind Mapping The last part of the session will conclude with a “micro” workshop of Design Thinking through the establishment of a personal “mind map” allowing to make the necessary links between the problems in your event and the knowledge that we will have shared together. It will allow you to identify the strategic vision.   The collection wires At the end of the session, a “collection thread” will be set up to discuss everyone’s impressions, discoveries, projects or any other topics that participants would like to share.     EDUCATIONAL TOOLS   Slide presentation The PowerPoint presentation will be provided to participants at the beginning of the session to follow and make notes.   Reflection checklist In addition to the presentation, an aide-mémoire / canvas will be provided to the participants to organize and guide their reflection as the workshops progress.   Press articles A series of news articles on the subject will be provided to the participants.

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